интервью со студентом Institut auf dem Rosenberg, Швейцария



Соня учится в школе Розенберг второй год и в этом году заканчивает школу. В Киеве Соня отучилась до 11 класса и поступила в Institute auf dem Rosenberg на 2 последних года американской программы. У Сони прекрасный английский и она предпочла дать интервью на английском, чтобы показать всем интересующимся школой семьям, насколько может развиться письменный и устный язык, если на нем проводится обучения.

Larysa: Tell me, why did you choose this school?

Sonya: I made my decision from 5 different schools that are located in Europe and in the United States. But Institut auf dem Rosenberg has appealed to me the most for several reasons. First, the opportunities they offer to their students. Second, its unique traditions such as the annual Rosenberg ball, special dinners, holiday celebrations and school trips always give me a sense of belongingness. Third, its diverse and multicultural environment. It is a small community where people almost all around the world live together as one big family. Teachers, directions, students are all approachable; therefore I did not face any difficulties or homesickness during my two years here. And I am very happy with my choice.

Larysa: How was your English on your arrival and how it has changed

Sonya: I was studying in a non-English speaking country until grade 11. Therefore, I would not say my English was perfect, but I can say it has improved a lot since I came here. My greatest weakness was the writing part. But after taking some advanced Literature and other classes that require a lot of reading and analysis, I have seen improvement in my overall English. I have not only seen improvement in my English skill, but also in those of people who are around me.

Larysa: What do you study now and where do you plan to go next

Sonya: My short-term plan is to continue my studies in economics in America. And after completing University, I am planning to do some internships in an international organization and return back to my country with the experiences I have gained and help my family business grow.

I am currently taking 4 Advanced Placement Classes: AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Macro Economics and AP Literature and Humanities and Art. AP Classes are quite challenging as they are recognized at the university level but I think my teachers have made it easier to understand. Taking AP classes is also a great opportunity to earn college credits before going to College.

I am one of the members of the Student Committee in our school. Together, we organize events, activities and solve problems. Also, I am actively involved in Yoga and meditation.

Larysa: Advise the families who have picked up the school in Switzerland.

Sonia: There is nothing really to worry about since your child will be in the safe hands of teachers, housemothers and directions. And Switzerland is also a very peaceful, safe and beautiful country. However the only thing I would advise is to talk to your children and make sure your child is getting most of what the school offers him/her.


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