A secondary school specialist with 25 years of experience,
I travel the world to visit some of the world's leading secondary day
and boarding schools. such visits allow me to provide
recommendations on an individual basis and help me to determine
which particular school would make the best fit for your child.
On this blog, you will find the reviews of boarding schools
I have visited in the past and learn more about the types
of programs they offer.

Larisa Neklyudova The founder of the educational agency Aspect

Larisa Neklyudova

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About the blog

For the last 25 years I have been engaged in the industry of international education. In 1996 I founded an educational agency Aspect in Keiv that provided expert educational advice to students regardless of their age and aids them in the selection of educational programs all over the world.

After working for many years in the industry of international education, I concluded that of all the things that parents can give to their children the most valuable is a gift of education. In achieving that you will find that nothing is as important as selecting a right secondary school for your child.

Over the past decade, I have been deeply studying the differences in secondary education systems, the prospects for graduation from schools in different countries, attending conferences on secondary education and the schools themselves, in order to get a personal impression of the territory, getting acquainted with the leadership and communicating with foreign students.

Being focused on secondary schools, I am constantly on the road, as I live between three countries and the schools, with which I want to get to know each other, are scattered across different continents and to visit each of them is very important. Choosing the right school for each family is a big responsibility for both parents and the consultant.

We choose the child not only walls - we choose friends who will remain reliable connections for life. We choose a country in which the child will probably continue his higher education. We choose a program that will help shape the character and values.

The most popular secondary education in the world today is an English-language education, and therefore, in my blog, I mainly talk about such schools.

I share my experience, how to choose a country and school for my child, when and how to file documents for enrollment, what requirements, how to organize a trip and what will give you confidence in your child's safety while in another country.

Having said so, I understand that no articles would replace live communication and impression.

Therefore, I will always find time for every family, regardless of your place of residence (modern communications allow you to be acquainted and communicate to people from different parts of the world and I speak fluently 4 languages) to learn your wishes and understand your child.

I hope that my knowledge will be useful to you and help you choose the best school for your child.

Larisa Neklyudova,

founder of the educational agency Aspect


More details

Cost of services
  • Consultations before the signing of the contract for admission - 50 euros per hour
  • Admission to a private boarding school - 250 euros
  • Admission to a private day school when the whole family moves - 400 euros
  • Admission to a public school with a host family accommodation - 400 euros
  • Assistance in opening a student visa - 250 euros
Why do you need expert advice?
  • you can not choose in variety of educational programs, how they differ and how they accepted by universities
  • you want to learn benefits of education in different countries and where you can go after school
  • you want to hear feedback about the schools, based on the personal experience or experience of our students
  • you are interested in admission procedure to school, how to pass entrance tests and to be interviewed
  • you want to know how the school will be able to reveal different talents of your child
  • you want to calculate your budget for a child's complete education abroad
  • you want to evaluate the strength of your child learning at a foreign school
Services in admission to elite schools
  • Consultation on choice of schools, the difference in the programs, dates and admission process, the prospects of education in different countries
  • The selection of different options of schools, based on the analysis of your requirements
  • Filing of documents in the selected schools (completing application forms, translation of school report into English, advice on preparation of necessary recommendations)
  • Organization of admission tests and interviews without leaving the school (if permitted by school)
  • Negotiations with schools about possible visits, organization of entrance examinations in the school, preparation of logistics of the visits, visa for visit (if a personal visit is required to attend school)
  • Negotiations with schools for enrollment
  • Assistance in subject selection
  • Organization of accommodation
  • Assistance in the organization of guardianship
  • Organization of trial for future student - short stay in the school
  • Visa for parents to visit the school
  • Assistance to the family while the child stays in the school