A secondary school specialist with over 20 years of experience,         

I travel the world to visit some of the world's leading secondary day         

and boarding schools. Such visits allow me to provide

recommendations on an individual basis and help me to determine         

which particular school would make the best fit for your child.          

On this blog, you will find the reviews of boarding schools

I have visited in the past and learn more about the types

of programs they offer. 

Larisa Neklyudova The founder of the educational agency Aspect

Photo by Larisa Neklyudova

About the blog

For over 20 years now I have been engaged in the industry of international education. In 1996 I founded an educational agency Aspect that provides expert educational advice to students regardless of their age and aids them in the selection of educational programs all over the world.

All of our consultants have worked with me for years, becoming highly experienced industry specialists in their own right. Being well acquainted with our foreign partners and their educational programs our experts can recommend courses that will help you to achieve your goals and provide you with advice on visa requirements for different countries.

For me, my professional dedication is the biggest passion of my life. I enjoy learning about the intricacies of various educational programs, whether it is a short language course in Italy or a complex secondary education system of Great Britain. After working for many years in the industry of international education, I concluded that of all the things that parents can give to their children the most valuable is a gift of education. In achieving that you will find that nothing is as important as selecting a right secondary school for your child.

For the past several years, I have been deeply studying the differences in secondary education systems, the prospects for graduation from schools in different countries, attending conferences on secondary education and the schools themselves, in order to get a personal impression of the territory, getting acquainted with the leadership and communicating with foreign students.

I left consultations in all directions to experienced staff and focused on secondary schools. I am constantly on the road, as the schools with which I want to get to know each other are scattered across different continents and to visit each of them is very important. Choosing the right school for each family is a big responsibility for both parents and the consultant.

We choose the child not only walls - we choose friends who will remain reliable connections for life. We choose a country in which the child will probably continue his higher education. We choose a program that will help shape the character and values.

The most popular secondary education in the world today is an English-language education, and therefore, in my blog, I mainly talk about such schools.

I share my experience, how to choose a country and school for my child, when and how to file documents for enrollment, what requirements, how to organize a trip and what will give you confidence in your child's safety while in another country.

But no articles will replace live communication and impression.

Therefore, I will always find time for every family, regardless of your place of residence (modern communications allow you to get acquainted and communicate to people from different parts of the world) to learn your wishes and understand your child.

I hope that my knowledge will be useful to you and help you choose the best school for your child.

Larisa Neklyudova,

founder of the educational agency Aspect


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