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For many adults studying foreign languages is overwhelming. We’ve been told that we can achieve perfection in a foreign language only in childhood and we justify our failures with this statement. Meanwhile, we know many people who managed to achieve perfection in foreign languages if they had the right circumstances and a real need to do so.Just seven years ago, had someone said I could bring my English to the level of native speakers with ease and communicate in Spanish, I'd never have believed it. But it so happened at that time, I had…

The first flight from Kyiv to London on personal experience.

17 June 2020 I became a passenger on the first regular post-quarantine flight Kyiv-London. In this article, I want to share my experience of international travel in the context of the ongoing pandemic.Like many people for whom frequent travel became a way of life, I eagerly watched the opening of the airports. Like all of you, I live with a dual attitude to what is happening on the planet. On the one hand, I want to return to a normal life, meet with those who I care about, and do what I love.…
Natalia Goncharova, Russian artist working in the technique of the avant-garde. Was born in Tula, Russia, in 1881, into an aristocratic family.Goncharova has done a tremendous amount of work, crossing the boundaries of art and design. Before the first world war, she lived and worked in Russia, then in France, creating pictures. prints, was an Illustrator, designer of clothes and costumes for the Russian ballet.At the exhibition in Tate are shown early works of the artist, including the famous painting "Peasants picking apples."In the early works of creativity Goncharova…
In 2005, I planned a trip to USA where we wanted to combine business meetings around USA with visiting of our Work and Travel program students in North Carolina and a family in Los Angeles.Back then, we were not very experienced travelers, and 16-day trip to US where we had to visit 9 cities, became quite a challenge to organize.  I made a very busy schedule, organized all business meetings, booked all hotels and cultural visits and decided to reward myself with a beautiful new red suitcaseThe more I planned this trip, the more challenging it became. It all started…
For many years, every morning and evening I take my dogs for a walk. The apartment block I live in is on the border of university campus.Old university campus built of a yellow brick and immersed in a park area. It is more difficult to notice the beauty of the buildings during summer, as they are heavily covered with greenery.When in the winter, especially on rare sunny days, the yellow brick walls radiate gold and in contrast with white snowdrifts, the student campus looks like unreal past century island in the modern city.I take the dogs out to the park when all the students…
There is a difference in the knowledge of a new country and a new culture when you travel alone or in company. Traveling with someone, you give some of your attention to the person. When travelling, I have noticed how distracting even taking photos might be. When I look through the camera, I cannot see the whole picture, only the fragment that I try to capture. As a result, I look at the trip through the photos and do not always recognize the place.Only if you decide to travel independently, without a friend, a family without organizing your trip by a travel agency or host, only then can…
This story, which I write, sitting in front of the window of my country house's bedroom, began three years ago and started because of this house.In early 2015, when Ukraine was in the war, people were frightened, the economy collapsed and property prices plummeted, I decided to invest all my savings in a suburban house near Kiev. At the same time, I had been dating for 2 years with a foreigner, an Irish citizen, who, as he presented it to me, gave up a good job in Paris and came to me in Kiev to build our relationship. There was a war in the country and I was busy with trying to save…

Spain is my favorite country.

Four seasons a year Spain is the best place for recreation, traveling around the country and outdoor sports, both in the mountains and in the sea.I like the Spanish temperament and the rhythm of life, I like noisy Spanish cityies where the noise level is the highest in Europe and not only from transport but from conversations. I like Spanish, where there are at least and 15 tenses of verbs with different ending in genders and singular or plural, but knowing 100 words you can easily support any conversation. I like Spanish cuisine and wine and only…
In childhood we always had dogs. We lived in a private house and every other and then some cute little dog would come and stay in our garden. Wherever I went for a walk or see my friends I always took the dog with me. When I was 16 years old we moved to live in an apartment and dogs stopped to be present in my life.Ten years ago dogs entered to my life again. Doing business by that time for twelve years I've been spending too much time in the office, and that sedentary lifestyle affected my health. I played sports, but a couple of times per week…
I've been in education abroad for so long that I couldn't imagine myself in anything else. I remember how it all has begun as if it were yesterday. Today I decided I should tell more about myself: how have I come into this business, why am I doing this, what are my plans for the future so you know more to whom you trust the decision of choosing en educational path for your child.In the middle of the 1990th, I was doing my PhD course at the Institute of Economics and dreamed to see the world. Our Institute had good connections with research institutes in the United States and many…
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