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The State schools experience program offers students age from 16 to 19 opportunity to study in state schools around UK. Student can choose between short-term immersion program, from couple of weeks to academic programs that in two academic years leads to recognized qualifications such as A Levels or the international Baccalaureate.It is a low budget program, comparing to those top private schools that could offer the same state of the art facilities as State Six-form colleges.There are many options and many ways to customize the program to fit the students’ needs whatever the…
Graduating from State Six-form colleges.1612988022
Education UK, apart from obligatory Primary and SEcondary school, includes optional Pre-school at the age from 3 to 5 years,Preparatory School – primary school, which begins at 5 and ends at 11, in some private schools at 13 years, a Secondary (High) school, from age 11 (13) to 16 years. After graduation from compulsory secondary education, the British students choose to go to work, complete vocational courses, or undergo a 2-year University preparation, which is called Six Form.

Pre-school education in the UK.

Pre-school consists of 2 stages of preschool education, which…
I wanted to visit Earlscliff for several reasons: when we started to offer summer camp of this school to students I haven't realized that it was not an independent school but international. I have formed that impression due to the fact that the owner and headmaster Tim Fish for many years met with me as a Director of another British independent school and when he introduced hes new school I was very impressed with the photos and videos of the campus and Tim's enthusiasm. As a result, I had an impression that this school was a boarding school for British children. My students…
The historic town of Rochester is located only a half hour drive from Central London San Pancras, if you drive a high-speed train. This typical today for the province of Kent the city has long served as an Outpost on the way from the sea to London. Rochester castle and Rochester Cathedral - historic monuments which testify to the importance of this Outpost, protecting London from direct invasions from the sea.I attended Rochester independent College Rochester in the middle of April 2018, after the conference on secondary schools, which was held in London. ry wanted to see the College,…

Visit to Mill Hill school

Being in London for ALPHE conference on secondary education I decided to visit several schools, among others was Mill Hill school an Mill Hill International college as I did not quite understand how comfortable felt international students if they got a pale in the main school and in the international and how the two schools are connected.Mill Hill located in North London in the so called Mill Hill Village that will allow students to live and learn in the British capital;at 2015 Mill Hill…
At the BBSW International Secondary Education Conference in London, I always try to meet new UK boarding schools to select the best schools to recommend to my clients.I have long wanted to talk to the representative of TASIS - The American School of England - as American schools near London are increasing of interest to my clients, who definitely prepare their children for admission to American universities, but are not ready to send them to the United States until they come of age. The American School of England is one of three TASIS schools. We have been cooperating with a TASIS school in…
Continuing the series of interviews with representatives of the schools who visited our exhibitions in Lviv and Kiev in February I talked with Abbey College in Malvern, UK. A representative of the school surprised me with a small number of students in the school, told about short-term academic programs and preparation for the University program Foundation in high school. Read more in my interview:L: What is the main advantage and feature of the school?R: Primarily, we are talking about the location – campus of our school is located in Central England in an amazingly…
Millfield School  is the biggest co-educational boarding school in UK. You will not find this school on the top of ranking pages. At the same time  it's so popular that you would need to apply to the school for the year ahead. That's despite the fact that high school  alone has more than 1,200 students. During the ICEF conference in Berlin the representative of Millfield School explained me the lackluster performance in the ratings and why the school is so popular among British and international students. 

Senior School and…

A real find for me was meeting with representatives of the National Mathematics and Science College, British school which prepares students for admission to programmes in STEM  field of best universities in the world. The concept of STEM education includes 4 key academic disciplines: science, technology, engineering, mathematics. STEM education is actively developing in the West becoming one of the most promising training program at universities, that is why the collaboration with the school of such a level I consider being very promising.


School for boys Whitgift School has an excellent academic reputation and at the same time is among the schools with the best sports results. School can boast of graduates who have occupied prize-winning places at the Olympics as well as surprise by boys' interest in such subjects that seems to be popular only in girl school. About this all we talked with a representative of Whitgift School at an international conference in Berlin.L: The school is located in the capital of England and still has sport infrastructure for professionals right on…