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The popularity of the IB program in today's world is already undeniable. While at the beginning of this century the program developed only in countries leading the international education market, in recent years the demand for education in IB schools has been rapidly increasing in countries with developing economies, where, until recently, preference was given to traditional school education systems.The IB program offers a well-structured continuing education. From PYP to MYP and then to DP, students have a smooth transition, with each program building on the skills and knowledge…
Why is the IB program so unique and why is its popularity growing so rapidly?1687121793
I try to attend the UK Secondary Schools Conference at least once a year precisely because the conference is followed up by agent visits to independent schools. I can choose which region I want to see schools in and go on a 3-day tour to the chosen region.This year, I chose to visit Midland School in North West Birmingham, which had some very good schools, but most of all I wanted to visit Bromesgrove School in person.Bromesgrove is a top ten UK IB school, offering such academic programmes in high school: GCSEs, after which you can take both A-levels and IBs.From the…
Bromsgrove School in the UK: My impressions from my visit1669623483
My visit to the boarding school SEK El Castillo in the north of Madrid took place in the fall of 2022, during my stay in Spain on the program to protect Ukrainians from war. SEK International Schools are well known in Spain and Europe and rank high in the rankings due to the high performance of IB graduates. Every year, 4-8 graduates of the Spanish schools of the group score the highest score of 45, while about 20% of IB program graduates across all schools score at least 40 points.SEK El Castillo was the first to offer the IB program in Spain in 1977 and was one of the first schools…
SEK El Castillo - one of the best schools in Spain at affordable prices1668422896
If you are planning to enroll in one of North America's top universities, you may be already aware that following the standard programme taught in American schools may not be sufficient for you to reach that goal. Students with excellent academic performance who aim to enroll in an Ivy League school are likely to choose a school that follows either the International Вaccalaureate rogramme (IB) or the Advanced Placement Programme (AP).AP program is favored by students who wish to study their chosen subject in depth. However, same subjects are explored in great detail on the advanced level…

International Вaccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate programme, known as ‘IB’ was established in the late 1960s in Switzerland. The creators of the programme sought to combine all known systems of secondary education and to award successful students with a diploma that will be recognized by universities anywhere in the world. Since it was founded, the IB programme acquired worldwide recognition. Today is taught in some 2401 schools that are based in 129 countries. The level of education provided in IB schools is always above national standard.International…