Reviews about schools

At the BBSW International Secondary Education Conference in London, I always try to meet new UK boarding schools to select the best schools to recommend to my clients.I have long wanted to talk to the representative of TASIS - The American School of England - as American schools near London are increasing of interest to my clients, who definitely prepare their children for admission to American universities, but are not ready to send them to the United States until they come of age. The American School of England is one of three TASIS schools. We have been cooperating with a TASIS school in…
Trinity College visited our exhibition in Kiev in February 2018 to tell Ukrainian students about a unique American program AP Capstone Diploma, which offered only by a few of schools of Canada. We discussed the feature of Capstone Diploma and other advantages of the Trinity College, Ontario.L: What students and parents need to know about Trinity College School?R: the School is located near Toronto, in the small quiet town Port Hope, Ontario. High school accommodates about 450 students from grades 9 to 12. Trinity is a boarding school, it’s a home to 60% of high…
I continue my acquaintance with Canadian private schools as I believe that Canadian secondary education is reliable preparation for successful future of the child. This year at our student fairs in Kiev and Lviv we had many schools from Canada. I interview a representative of Stanstead College as it is a very interesting school in the French-speaking province of Quebec. The school intertwines many cultures, mainly because of its location on the border with the United States. Stanstead College was accredited by the Canadian Association of independent schools CAIS, making it one of the 27 best…
Continuing the series of interviews with representatives of the schools who visited our exhibitions in Lviv and Kiev in February I talked with Abbey College in Malvern, UK. A representative of the school surprised me with a small number of students in the school, told about short-term academic programs and preparation for the University program Foundation in high school. Read more in my interview:L: What is the main advantage and feature of the school?R: Primarily, we are talking about the location – campus of our school is located in Central England in an amazingly…
For many years my students were choosing Columbia International College to complete high school in Canada. That is why school representative was happy to participate at our exhibitions in Kiev and Lviv in February. For a long time I know all about the school, what are advantages and entrance requirements. My impressions after a visit to the campus can be found in the article "Why CIC is so popular?". This time we discussed a new Pathway program at Columbia International College, which was specially designed to prepare students for entry to one of the best universities in Canada…
I met the representative of the Czech school Carlsbad International School during the exhibition ALPHE in Germany in the fall of 2017. It is a young school – only in May of last year school released the first students from International Baccalaureate program. Studying IB program in Europe continues to be in high demand and the Czech Republic is a good alternative to IB schools in Western Europe to prepare students for prestigious European or American Universities.From my interview with a representative of the Carlsbad International School:L: What people…
French education is interesting for more and more families. To find a good boarding school in France I made appointment with a representative of the Saint-Denis International School at ALPHE Secondary Focus Conference in Frankfurt. This school offers an interesting for our market program of French as a foreign language plus academic subjects. In this program international student can start studying with the initial level of French and gradually adapt to studying in French. Last year my client visited this school, gave me a good feedback but ultimately chose another school in France.In an…
Canadian universities are among the best in the world. Many parents want to send their children to high school in Canada to prepare them for admission to the prestigious University of Toronto or University of British Columbia. But not many Ukrainian families are ready to pay for pricy Independent schools. When parents come to me with such a goal, I can offer a few proven options. One of them is a secondary school with a reasonable price in Toronto that specializes in preparing international students to the admission to best Canadian universities. This time I want to tell about Braemar…
From time to time I receive requests for a private school in California with good academic results. Interest in this state on the US West coast caused by several factors. First, Los Angeles is attracting because of Hollywood, which, in parents mind, gives great opportunities for talented children. Second, the climate: staying and studying in California is comfortable year-round. Based on this, I was looking for schools in Los Angeles. I met a representative of one of the best private schools in California, which is located in Los Angels, at a conference in Frankfurt.Read my interview with…
From my experience of working with schools in the USA I know that American schools rarely accept students from our region under the age of 15. At the conference in Berlin I met a representative of a private school in Maine, which accepts students from the age of 13 and offers 24 Advanced Placement courses. The only thing that confused me was the size of the school. Knowing how parents feel about schools with over 1000 students I asked how they can provide safity at school and guaranty personalized approach to each student from teachers and schol staff. The…