AP and High School Diploma


Who is this program for?

- Children, who want to study completely remotely and at the same time receive a diploma of graduation from an American school;- School children, who want to get an American school diploma in parallel with a diploma from their own country and without interrupting their studies at home school;- Teenagers, who decide to take a break from their school for a year to improve their English and do distance learning experience in an American school.The distance learning program at school (online high school education) was originally invented in America for…
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If you are planning to enroll in one of North America's top universities, you may be already aware that following the standard programme taught in American schools may not be sufficient for you to reach that goal. Students with excellent academic performance who aim to enroll in an Ivy League school are likely to choose a school that follows either the International Вaccalaureate rogramme (IB) or the Advanced Placement Programme (AP).AP program is favored by students who wish to study their chosen subject in depth. However, same subjects are explored in great detail on the advanced level…

The benefits of AP program for students preparing to enter Universities in the USA and Canada 

The secondary education system in the United States of America fundamentally differs from the education system most of us are used to. The first thing you will notice about this system is that it clearly has other priorities in mind - teaching in the U.S. focuses on the individual qualities of the pupil, striving to develop his distinctive talents and personality. This system is designed to prepare students to select their future career while still at school and help them…


Do you dream of studying in one of the most prestigious universities of the United States? Believe it or now, but getting admitted into such legendary universities as Harvard or Princeton is feasible! To achieve this, you will have to pass a standardized test, which evaluates the general level of knowledge of the entrant - the so-called Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).The success of the test depends on how well prepared you are. For some, the mathematical part may be easier than the writing one.The structure of SATThe test was developed in distant…