A-level program

I try to attend the UK Secondary Schools Conference at least once a year precisely because the conference is followed up by agent visits to independent schools. I can choose which region I want to see schools in and go on a 3-day tour to the chosen region.This year, I chose to visit Midland School in North West Birmingham, which had some very good schools, but most of all I wanted to visit Bromesgrove School in person.Bromesgrove is a top ten UK IB school, offering such academic programmes in high school: GCSEs, after which you can take both A-levels and IBs.From the…
Bromsgrove School in the UK: My impressions from my visit1669623483

What to study  at A level?

Choosing the right subjects for A-level may become a real challenge for many students, especially for those who do not know what to study in University.However, the solution that you need to do now binds you to study the selected subjects at the university and it will be difficult to change something. Therefore, it is very important not to make a wrong choice at a very early stage. We review the best subjects of the course A-level that will help you prepare for the many popular specialties, and also give some tips what to do if you don't…


The General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level or A-Level is a British qualification exam, required for admission to universities in the UK.In Britain, secondary education is compulsory until the age of 16. Once students reach 14 years of age, they commence a two-year mandatory programme, which prepares them to attestation in seven to nine subjects. At the end of the programme, students are tested and receive a General Certificate of Secondary Education, or GCSE.Having obtained this certificate, students can either leave school and start…