Last week I visited IB Primary Day school in the heart of Madrid and I liked it so much that if I were in the situation of looking for a primary school for my child myself, I would seriously consider moving the family to Madrid so that the child would study in this school! This is not my situation, but in this article, I want to share with my readers what exactly struck me at SEK Santa Isabel School.First, let's delve a little into history. The SEK Santa Isabel school is located in the historic center of Madrid, where the SEK educational institution was founded in 1892, giving…
Unleashing the potential of global thinking in your children at SEK Santa Isabel, in the heart of Madrid1689591276
My visit to the boarding school SEK El Castillo in the north of Madrid took place in the fall of 2022, during my stay in Spain on the program to protect Ukrainians from war. SEK International Schools are well known in Spain and Europe and rank high in the rankings due to the high performance of IB graduates. Every year, 4-8 graduates of the Spanish schools of the group score the highest score of 45, while about 20% of IB program graduates across all schools score at least 40 points.SEK El Castillo was the first to offer the IB program in Spain in 1977 and was one of the first schools…
SEK El Castillo - one of the best schools in Spain at affordable prices1668422896
International school SEK Catalunya located 35 km North from Barcelona city center in mountainous near the village La Garriga.School accommodates about 900 students, including students of Junior school 3-11 years, Nursery for children 1-3 years, Middle school 12-16 years and 16-19 years of High school.Floors of the school are divided by the age groups while maintaining the same style across the school. Each floor has two wings where 5-6 classrooms sit around a large open area which is used to work on projects.One floor is allocated for science labs, robotics classes, and…
I`ve wanted to visit the Agora international schools in Spain, offering the IB program in different parts of the country, for a long time. In the approach of Christmas, Kiev became cold and sad and my choice fell on warm and sunny Valencia, where I could get a direct flight by Ryanair.

Winter in Valencia

Valencia is my favorite city in Spain. Here I started to learn Spanish and, like it was yesterday, I remember the narrow streets of the old city, where I, who had never liked running, were making my record runs 7-8 miles every night, trying quickly…

Spain is my favorite country.

Four seasons a year Spain is the best place for recreation, traveling around the country and outdoor sports, both in the mountains and in the sea.I like the Spanish temperament and the rhythm of life, I like noisy Spanish cityies where the noise level is the highest in Europe and not only from transport but from conversations. I like Spanish, where there are at least and 15 tenses of verbs with different ending in genders and singular or plural, but knowing 100 words you can easily support any conversation. I like Spanish cuisine and wine and only…
I was lucky to find another school in Spain with International Baccalaurate program. Every year more and more families turns to my Agency in to require about schools with program in English in Spain. Not surprising, since schools in Span are much cheaper then in Britain and most of international schools in Europe and children feel very comfortable to study there. In addition, many families often spend holidays in Spain and familiar with this country finding it safe for their children to study there. I fully support parents in choosing a secondary schools in Spain…

The location of the school the Lady Elisabeth Alicante

Two years ago I spent several months in Valencia and traveled extensively in the region. In one Sunny day, we went to see the town of Altea and the most popular place to buy villas among the Russian – Altea hills.The nature of this land was charming - bright green hills, steep cliffs, wide lagoons. Altea Hills is a place for super expensive villas set in high hills. The Orthodox Church is a very popular meeting place for the Russian population - when we drove past it on Sunday afternoon, bells rang and dozens of…

What I like about San Patricio school

During a recent conference on secondary schools abroad in Frankfurt, I met some very interesting participants. Among them, my attention was drawn to an IB school from Toledo San Patricio. I wanted to meet a representative of this school for two reasons.Firstly, the school San Patricio is one of the top schools in Spain according to El Mundo newspaper: San Patricio Madrid occupies second place. And even though we are talking about the campus in Madrid – schools usually value their reputation, so the quality of education will be same…

A trip to Caxton College, Valencia

Polina's story about her experience at Caxton College impressed me so much that I decided to visit the school to feel the atmosphere myself. I made an appointment for Friday morning. Today is the end of January and the weather is very typical for Valencia. During the day, the air warms up to 20, at night about 10. It is very sunny and windy.Today the wind is just stormy, the highway from Valencia to Pusol runs along the sea and I can hardly keep the car on the track. It takes 20 minutes to get from the center of Valencia, so many…

British school in Spain

A very detailed interview with a high school student Polina, who has studied at the British school Caxton College for four years.The private British school in Valencia, Caxton College, is one of the most prestigious schools in Spain, offering its students bilingual education: in addition to studying according to the British system (a wide range of subjects under the International GCSE program), all students must study the Spanish language and culture of Spain. Students who successfully pass the IGCSE exams can continue their studies in either the British…