SEK Les Alpes is a cozy school of the SEK group of international schools, offering the same program as all schools of the group, but exclusively for students of 13-15 years old. The school is located 1000 meters above sea level in a small French mountain village of Saint Nicolas, next to the famous ski resort town Megeve.The very location of the school is its main highlight, giving students a great opportunity to practice many kinds of active sports and attracting ski lovers. Since the opening of the winter season, students go 3 times a week (Thursday, Saturday and Sunday)…
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French education is interesting for more and more families. To find a good boarding school in France I made appointment with a representative of the Saint-Denis International School at ALPHE Secondary Focus Conference in Frankfurt. This school offers an interesting for our market program of French as a foreign language plus academic subjects. In this program international student can start studying with the initial level of French and gradually adapt to studying in French. Last year my client visited this school, gave me a good feedback but ultimately chose another school in France.In an…
French school Ecole des Roches was founded more than 100 years and it is considered to be one of the best schools in France.  It was always prestigious and fashionable to study at the  school. Even now among the students children of famous politicians, businessmen and diplomats. Several of my students went to school where they studied French language and French Baccalaureat  to enter French universities. Before recently Ecole des Roches  offered only programs in French but now it is possible to study here in English.In my interview with a…

Study at state schools abroad

Few people know that a number of public schools accept international students. At the same time, the study can be either absolutely free or a symbolic fee is charged for the work of the international department. However, as a rule, schools do not engage in student accommodation and guardianship. This concern is undertaken by a foreign agency, the purpose of which is to choose for a foreign student the right school and host family, to provide local health insurance, guardianship. As a rule, study at a public school with all these services is still much…

French school in Bordeaux

I met with the representative of Ecole de Tersac, Mr. Bastien Gautier, during the international conference on study abroad ALPHE in September 2015 in London. Ecole de Tersac is a family business of the Gautier family.Bastien Gautier develops the school's connections in the international market.L: Tell us about the location of the school and residence.In: The school is located between Bordeaux and Toulouse. Conveniently accessible from two international airports. This region is known for wine production and is therefore very touristy. Students…

How to study in an American school in Paris

Not many French schools know how to work with international students. Moreover, it is difficult to find a school where teaching is also handled in English.Therefore, a visit to Notre-Dame International High School, an American school located half an hour from the center of Paris, has long been on my list of trips.

Visiting Notre-Dame International

The most convenient way to get from the center of Paris to school is by regional train. It takes 35 minutes from Gare St Lazare to Vernouillet Verneuil, where the school is…