Exhibition of Natalia Goncharova's works at the Tate Modern, London, 6.07.19-8.09.19



Natalia Goncharova, Russian artist working in the technique of the avant-garde. Was born in Tula, Russia, in 1881, into an aristocratic family.Goncharova has done a tremendous amount of work, crossing the boundaries of art and design. Before the first world war, she lived and worked in Russia, then in France, creating pictures. prints, was an Illustrator, designer of clothes and costumes for the Russian ballet.

At the exhibition in Tate are shown early works of the artist, including the famous painting "Peasants picking apples."

In the early works of creativity Goncharova shows the influence of village life, as she has often returned to the family estate and her most inspired works of those years were made there. In imperialist Russia, where class and social roles were clearly delineated, Goncharova did not fall in any category. Being simultaneously avant-garde artist, a woman and a daughter of an aristocrat, she always stood out.

In 2013 Michailovskyy art salon in Moscow has held the largest exhibition of works among artists of the avant-garde of the time. 800 works of 32-year-old Natalia Goncharova were exhibited. The exhibition presented early works of Goncharova, inspired by Russian folklore, iconography and French impressionism. The exhibition also presented a collection of 9 Harvest works, 2 of which are now lost.

At the same time, Goncharova began to work with fashion designers and created the collection textile works using embroidery, decorative needlework, and develops colors for textiles using floral motifs.

Goncharova has created her own approach to religious imagery. She believed that the modern artist can draw inspiration from the imaginary and simplified forms. Her series of works Evangelist was several times removed from exhibitions in Russia by censors and at the same time, named one of the best works of the time.

A large part of the art of Natalia Goncharova associated with the creation of costumes for the Russian ballet and other dance companies and Opera houses in the world.

Even in the last years of her life, despite poor health, Natalia Goncharova continued to work and participated in exhibitions. Died at the age of 81 in Paris.

Tate Exhibition of Natalia Goncharova's works is very modern in its spirit. Despite the fact that she was born and raised in tsarist Russia, it is difficult to find a contemporary artist, especially a woman, equal Goncharova on the scale of creativity and thinking.

The liveliness and brightness of her works are very inspiring. Especially if you take into account the complexities of the time in which she had to work and create her own avant-garde style.


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