Lincoln Academy is one of the oldest boarding schools in USA



Last month I was able to take an interview with a representative of American school with a long history – Lincoln Academy, founded in 1801 in Maine. The school honors tradition of American education and attracts students by offering courses of modern computer technologies, engineering and robotics along with numerous traditional courses. It's a private school for americans: there is only 15% of international students  at the school who feel all of the benefits of American education.

Lincoln Academy кампус

If you want to know more about school programs and how to enter here read this interview with school representative:

L: What students need to know about your school?

R: We are one of the oldest schools in the country, Lincoln Academy is in the top of 20 best schools in America. The school is located an hour drive from Portland and three hours from Boston, in a beautiful and safe place. The campus is located in a small town which is ideal for adolescents. On school grounds – two new residences for students at the school, sporting infrastructure, academic buildings and a new technology center to practice engineering, robotics, and exploring computer technology. All of our students play lots of sports: in winter it is skiing, figure skating and even dog sled rides and ice fishing.

L: What's special about your academic programs?

R: We Have 19 subjects in Advanced Placement, very strong academically. We have a lot of affiliate courses, which are visited by our students. In addition, we can be proud of our Department of art: fine arts, performing arts, fashion, design. Many of our students enter art  courses at universities. While speaking about the statistics, all of our international students continue their studies at universities, and locals often go into the family business immediately after school, or enter military schools.

Lincoln Academy ученики

L: I understand that there is not so much Russian-speaking at the school, right?

R: Yes, it is right. Only 4 Russians, if I'm not mistaken. There is a Ukrainian student. Total 585 students, 85 of which are international students and they all live on the school campus. For them created a wonderful English-speaking environment. In addition, we strive that no one nationality dominated. Most of all, as you might guess, among international students there are representatives of China. But in general, the proportion is approximately the same. In classes there are not more then 17 students, but some courses, including courses on technology and engineering, are in smaller classes.

L: What are the requirements for admission to your school?

R: We accept students from the 9th grade. The criterias are following: to write an essay, provide transcripts of 3 last grades, teacher recommendations for math and English, interview and to demonstrate a good level of English. We're not too picky about specific subjects and grades as we understand that children can Express themselves on different subjects in different ways. We welcome active and motivated students who want to learn and know why they need it.

Территория Lincoln Academy

L: Is the English language very important? Do you provide support in English for students who need to improve language?

R: We do not require high English language but the child needs such knowledge to be comfortable in studies and live in the United States. While in school he can improve his English by attending our ESL classes and learn the language directly in the school environment. We also offer lessons in academic writing and, in general, students can get any help from our teachers.


I'm glad to cooperate with the school such as Lincoln Academy, with its traditional American spirit and strong academic results.


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