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At the conference in Berlin I met a representative of the international boarding school in Germany – Berlin Brandenburg International School. For several years, we have partnered with this school and I know how difficult admission to the school was for our students at BBIS. The school is very popular among the Russian-speaking countries. Now, as admitted a representative of the school, they are interested in attracting students from Ukraine again, as a percentage of Russian-speaking students has decreased significantly.

What caused the popularity of the Berlin Brandenburg International School? The school is all in English language with International Baccalaureate taught at all four levels, from elementary school to IB or career program in high school. BBIS  is one of the few schools where you can find teaching of all IB levels.

Кампус BBIS

I learned more about specifics of IB in Berlin Brandenburg International School and how graduates can enter German universities.

L: At what age do you accept students from Ukraine?

P: We accept students from 14 years which are in grade 9 of your school system. They start with Middle Year Programme. This is a wonderful age for a child to start the school abroad, there is still time to do a lot during the years spent in our school. Although we have a primary and secondary school, we do not accept students from Ukraine below the age of 14 due to visa policy.

L: How is your school different from other IB schools?

P: The IB program starts in Junior School. Next, children move to secondary school and finish with a selection of IB Diploma Programme or Career-Related Programme. You are probably familiar with the Diploma Programme: this is standard IB program, which is designed for high school students. In Career-Related Programme there is no such academic load as in IB Diploma Programme and from the name you can guess that this program is tied to career. In short, this is an opportunity to gain practical knowledge related to the chosen career, when you are still in school. Students will study two IB courses: English and Business, as well as added discipline of English BTEC certificate, with qualifications in tourism, travel, sport or design on their choice. Under the program students undergo 3 internships where they receive experience. The program is suitable for students who plan to study in UK or USA and have already decided on a future specialty at the University.

Территория школы

L: But if the student wants to go to German University and continue studies in German?

P: This is possible only under the condition that the student has a high level of the German language and able to take German on IB Diploma Programme at a high level. We have no Abitur at school but if in high school the child takes German, math and science at a high level, and English with 2 other subjects at standard level, it would be the equivalent of Abitur and he could enroll into a German University. But it is very difficult to do so, only if by 11 grade the child has German at B2 level.

L: What is the priority of the school?

P: We intend to expand. Now we have 700 students but we plan to increase capacity to 1000 students. For this we have built new residence and increased academic space. We also intend to improve old residence – each student will get their own room with private bath.

Территория школы

During our conversation a representative of the school pointed they are very glad that Ukraine got visa-free regime with Europe, because now families can visit school easier. He invites interested students to attend BBIS to see the school campus and to feel the school atmosphere. And I am ready to answer all your questions and choose the programme at BBIS for your child.

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