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The importance of religion in Irish schools

A visit to Kings Hospital school convinced me once again that Irish schools are not inferior to British ones either in terms of education and results, or in terms of school territory and infrastructure, or in the mood and feeling of joy from the work done by the students themselves.

Kings Hospital is owned by the Church of Ireland. In fact, this means that the church maintains the school and appoints a board of directors to manage the school. In addition, the Irish are very keen on their traditions and respect for religion. In Ireland, two churches get along well: Catholic and Protestant. At the same time, the Church of Ireland, which owns most of the boarding schools, is Protestant, which covers no more than 5% of the population.

Despite the fact that the majority of Irish are Catholics, parents are happy to send their children to Protestant schools, as the school teaches them to respect all religions. At the same time, each morning begins with a short Mass, in which all students take part, regardless of religion.


This is one of the largest and best-equipped schools in Ireland. A huge well-groomed area, the level of the most popular British schools. Landscape design, modern and comfortable buildings of school residences, numerous play and sports grounds, well-equipped scientific laboratories, classrooms, and studios - the school has created an atmosphere for successful learning and happy childhood.

School residences of increased comfort, all rooms with separate bathrooms. Younger girls and boys occupy separate buildings and live in rooms for 4-6 people. High school students live in the newest residence in double rooms. A teacher lives in each residence with his family, the door to the teacher's apartment is always open for all children living in this house.

In total, more than 600 schoolchildren study at the school, with half of them living in the school. Irish schoolchildren live in a 5-day boarding house and go to their parents on weekends. Foreign students, of whom there are more than a hundred, live in the school at a 7-day boarding house. For holidays and vacations, all children go home or to the caregiver's family in Ireland.


  • The Protestant religion teaches equality and mutual support.
  • Constant participation in charitable projects helps to educate responsible citizens.
  • A very strong school in science, art, and sports.


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