A Visit To The Royal Hospital School, UK



Military Academy of The Royal Hospital, United Kingdom

It was always interesting for me to see what a military high school is. Therefore, the opportunity to visit The Royal Hospital Naval Academy formed the basis of my next tour of the UK schools.

военная средняя школа в Англии

How is an academy different from a regular high school?

Military training: compulsory for all students, with the exception of graduation classes.

Training specialization: military land forces, aviation, marines. Compulsory participation in summer military camps.
Sailing: All 7th-grade students are required to learn sailing. In the future, talented students can join the Elite Sailing Program offered by the sailing academy, which allows them to train intensively, obtain international qualifications, and win national and international regattas.
Flag: Every morning and evening, all students gather on the school's parade ground for the ceremonial raising and lowering of the school flag.
Parades. All students receive naval uniforms and learn to march on the school parade ground to participate in solemn parades, which are held several times throughout the year and celebrate the most important events in the life of the school. Both the students and their parents take great pride in participating in military parades.

Accommodation in school residences: younger students live in large rooms for 4-6 people, while the rooms are incredibly tidy. High school students live in separate rooms, while the rooms are small and resemble sea cabins.
Sports at school: swimming, sailing, kayaking, golf, rugby, football, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, fitness.
Club activities: drama, music, drawing, graphic and industrial design, textiles.
Feedback from school students: at first it was difficult to get used to, but then everyone likes it, they are proud to study here. Excellent school, strong teaching, one third of graduates have A and A * results. The school is over 300 years old - strong traditions. Students say that many of them had their parents here.

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