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Roedean_view_from_marinaI went to schools in the South of Sussex after the next conference on secondary education in Britain BBSW in March. The boarding school for girls Roedean is one of the most difficult for cooperation. They work with a very limited number of agents in each country and carefully choose new partners. So I was really excited when I was invited to visit the school that helped me not only to establish the necessary contacts but also to understand why this school is so hard to do.

The location of the school Roedean

Roedean_visitOn the outskirts of Brighton, just outside the town marina, high on the hill stands a majestic building. The background of this impressive building is photographed by every tourist, walking along the Brighton Marina. And, not every tourist knows that they admire high school for girls Roedean School.

Brighton city centre is just a couple of kilometers away, the national Park South Downs starts right from the school gate, and a wide panorama of the English channel opens from any corner of this magnificent school.

The school Roedean

When you see the Golden school building, perched on a hill above the sea on a background of green slopes, and is rapidly going up the road, which ends abruptly in front of the gate of the school grounds, then you have no doubt that this is a very elite and prestigious school where not only hard to enrol, but also just to see from the inside. And it's true, school Roedean considers only documents the most talented and dedicated girls that help support the school at the top of the ranking charts.

The school is spread over 120 acres above the sea. Despite the frequent fresh breeze, pupils enjoy a huge sunny area and the sea air. The school pays a lot of attention to the sport and art, following the principle that girls have to live not only learning, but also to develop sports and spiritually.

On school property 25-metre swimming pool, 15 tennis courts, 12 volleyball courts, a running track and a large sports hall with a gym and studios. In addition, girls can also enjoy horse riding in the nearby stables or water sports in the Marina.

Every week school offers its students an active 62 events to choose from. High level in dance, drama and music. For the holidays, trips to Europe are offered: recent visits - Barcelona and Athens.

Students and staff of school Roedean

Roedean offers education for girls in middle and high school. Students from 11 years old are accepted, both full-time and those who want to live in a residence. In recent years school management tried to attract more foreign students, especially from China. This policy had a negative impact on the reputation of the school among British families who didn't like that the school is dominated by foreign children of the same nationality. Now the school has new leadership, a new Director develops new markets, and achieved the elimination of this imbalance. The school is developing a scholarship for talented British students from families with an insufficient budget. The school has always been strong in the arts and Sciences — the best school for girls in Sussex and the second among private schools for girls in Britain. As a result, the school again became popular among the local families, now 50% of Britons study there. There are now 450 students at the school and the 500 are waiting for September — mainly replenishment by British children. In this case, even British children are basically living in a boarding house.


I spoke with a student of the graduating class from Kyiv, Zhenia. She has been in the UK for five years, 9th grade studied at co-educational school. Then, at the GCSE entered the Roedean school, and completed the GCSE course with all grades A*. Now at A-level, 4 object — expects the results A and A*. She says that about 10% of graduates graduate with those scores and enter top universities.

Accommodation at Roedean school

Roedean has beautiful views of the sea and the marina from every corner of the school, and this is one of the reasons why all girls feel happy here. In addition, the school offers a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, each of the students with whom I had to talk, said she is friends with many teachers, or, at least, respects others. Despite the historic school building, the interior is well designed — recent investments in classrooms and residence — £ 9 million.

The Daily Telegraph wrote that the residence is the best he has seen. Of course, I've seen much more luxurious accommodation, perhaps, the newspaper wrote about the internal design.

The school campus includes the school building, with a wing for the accommodation of girls, and separate five dormitories. All dorm rooms are for one person, but small, facilities on the floor. Girls of the Senior class live in a separate residence with great amenities, some rooms have own toilet and shower, while others just sink. At the ssame time they have their own dining room in the residence, and since they have less dining room, more diversity and flexibility — very happy.


What to do at Roedean school

Since the school seek to the national diversity of its students, there is a separate quota for students from Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, you need to apply early, mainly in the autumn for the next academic year. From applicants require a good academic record and excellent English, high motivation. To pass the tests and interviews you are required to come to England. Besides, it's better to enter school at an early age, as places at A-level is preferably given to those who studied at GCSE and finished it with very good results. For students secondary school entry requirements are softer.


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