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We have been working with Columbia International College located in Hamilton (Canada) for over 15 years. Many of our students have already graduated not only from school but also from universities, many of them have made a successful career in Canada.

During this time, we have developed cooperation with dozens of excellent Canadian schools, both boarding schools, and daytime ones. Many of our students entered and graduated from Canadian schools throughout the country: from New Scotia to Victoria. But the popularity of Columbia International College surprises even seasoned secondary education consultants.

A trip to Columbia International College

7 years ago, while on a working visit to Toronto, I visited CIC, walked through educational buildings and boarding houses, and met with my students. My most vivid impressions of visiting: a large modern school, the buildings of the boarding houses resemble university ones, some residences are across the street from the school, some are 20 minutes away by school bus. But the biggest impression, which later helped me many times to sell this particular school, is a very strict discipline.

I have a clear picture of why children achieve such great results, why they are 100% successful in completing the program and entering universities - the school closely monitors everyone's progress: not enough English - international students cannot start basic subjects until they have not enough language; got a bad mark in mathematics - you will do your homework in mathematics in the common study room under the supervision of a teacher until you improve your knowledge and sort out the material; have noticed that you have smoked - you will clean toilets for several days; found a bottle of beer in the room - moved to another residence with younger students for several weeks.

All of these disciplinary measures, together with a successful graduate scholarship fund, volunteer, leadership programs, and sports sections, help the school to raise conscientious and motivated youth and achieve high academic results for each graduate.

Together with education, sports, and developmental clubs, all schoolchildren participate in various projects aimed at developing the knowledge, life skills, and values ​​of children. Schoolchildren take part in leadership programs, environmental protection, volunteer and social projects. This approach leads to the education of responsible citizens of the world, prepared for adulthood.

But, my impression of a one-day visit can be quite biased. So I asked our two students who are now in their final 12th grade at Columbia to share their experiences at the school. I expect an interview with them very soon.

In the meantime, to summarize: the popularity of the college is based on the highest results of its graduates. Foreign students who are just looking at college, study these results, try on these achievements for themselves, and all doubts about the choice get into favor of CIC.


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