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I maintain contacts with all students whom we helped to enter schools abroad. Not so long ago, back home on holidays my student Nastya. We helped her with admission to the International Baccalaureate program at  ACS Cobham International School. She eagerly agreed to give me an interview in the office of the company "Aspect" to tell about her experiences during the first semester at the school.

We talked with Nastya about her adaptation to school, the features of International Baccalaureate  in ACS Cobham and also learned about her future plans to study.

L: Tell us about your first impressions of the school.

N: First impressions – the school is just huge. All brand new. The residence was just renovated, despite the fact that another new one is building at the school. The school management is planning to increase the number of boarding students and opening of the new residence scheduled for September. Nice that 12-graders (it's gonna be me next year) will get separate room, so we will live in singles.

L: What are the most striking differences with your Ukrainian school?

N: At school everything is quite civilized and is based on the electronic system. All information entered into the database. Each student created their account at school, where teachers post all grades, show grades. Parents also have access. You can find information which will be activities at school, and that sort of thing. There is information about teachers, there is a contact email address for communication. Practical in each subject it is possible to find some historical documents, for example, I have stories I can find different scientific theses. Something like a library.

ACS Cobham учебный процесс

L: So, you don't need to go to the library, all the information you can get without leaving the room.

N: Yes, and paying for it is not necessary, because the school takes all the costs. However, we have a library and it is large enough. Throughout the school there is an Internet connection, just in residence it´s only after 12 am. 

L: Tell me about the teachers of the IB program.

N: Most of our teachers are American, so as a school we American. If you want to meet with a teacher is always assigned date. If you do not understand something, you can always hire a tutor.

L: Are you happy with the way disciplines taught?

N: It depends. I will say one thing: with IB there is no time to relax. I like some teachers, especially in biology. Before joining Cobham, I liked Economics. But when I came here, our Economics Professor began to teach in a completely different way. And all like this! I worked separately with a tutor in Economics, and then went camping, and again lagged behind the class. Of course? if I miss one day of school – this is a tragedy for me! Apart from that with other subjects I have no problems. I managed to fix it, but still in the future, I want to abandon the study of the economy.

L: Can you change subjects? What do you need for that?

N: I went to see the academic director of the school and said that I was not attracted to the economy. Recently I have developed an interest in biology, and associate my future with biochemistry, for example, or bioengineering. I added a chemistry class in the schedule, and the economy left just to the holidays, so I have to decide finally then. But if I want to choose biomedical or biochemical direction, then I need to leave the economy, because one lesson of chemistry is not enough. I probably think I will. Lecturer in chemistry also supported me.

Обучение в ACS Cobham

L: You radically change the whole direction! And English, do you still have it?

N: Yes, English language and literature. But I still do not have enough knowledge. The teacher says that if I'm going to work more, it will be better.

L: In which subjects do you  have "A"?

N: I Have "A", of course, on the Russian language, and another discipline. Everything else is "B". The difficulty is that when I write tests, read the question - I understand it differently, than the answer is wrong. But teachers say if something is not clear from the task, you can ask them.

L: And how many students are in IB started from scratch?

N: 11 class the largest in school right now. And in this year it has received more than 50 people.

L: And on which program there are more students: IB or AP?

N: A lot of mixed students. Some do not understand the point of doing full IB, especially if you are from the United States. Then students are doing part-time IB, or just AP. You can certainly take full course IB and some AP, but you'll go crazy. Only pure or mixed, IB or AP. Sports, volunteer activities take all your time.

L: What sports did you choose at school?

N: They have a very interesting attitude to the sport. Since this is an American school, they have a lot of time to the sport. Nobody is forcing you, but it is advisable to do this. If you're still doing IB, then 100% you will need. Therefore on Wednesday we have short day, 4 lessons instead of 6. But these 2 classes go entirely on the sport. I first tried volleyball, then went to the gym. After a while got into the dance program. And now I'm starting season of the basketball, Rugby, dance, and further we will go athletics. Soon we will be at away games our basketball team. Classes in cheerleading are conducted very seriously – we are squeezed in full.

ACS Cobham интервью с ученицей школы

L: Anastasia, do you have service classes?

N: Yes, already there. I have charity, it goes as a service. We do cakes, then sell. So far we accumulate hours. Social service it´s the program that you need to give 50 to 60 hours, and since I went camping, I already have 40 hours. Recently the school has assembled a group to travel to Namibia, to help the African children. A trip for a month during the holidays. I asked permission from my parents, but they don't really like this idea.

L: Do you often go to London?

N: the city? In fact I'm not, it is not enough time. Cobham it's like a traditional British boarding school.

L: do you have friends who are studying in British schools? How would you compare Cobham with a traditional British boarding school?

N: My friend is studying in the old British school with its own traditions. There they are very strict. As in most traditional schools. Strict with learning process, and even school uniforms. They have special cut how they sew clothes in high school. It is impossible to wear something different. If it's cold, should only wear a coat. Coats black woolen. My friend bought a coat, but it was a bit baggy, black, simple. She was forbidden to use it. In the end, she just walked around in a jacket and shivered from the cold. With lessons too it is very strictly. For example, we have liberal teachers, they are saying us right in the face "we treat you like adults" we trust you, you yourself understand what you want and will do for yourself. If I need help, I need to ask, nobody will offer. There are students who are unable get used to this system and they can quit. Then happens expulsion from the school.

ACS Cobham интервью

L: tell me if it gets easier in school with time?

N: No, the only thing I already know what to do. But the tasks are constantly increasing. I now dissatisfied with my assessment, I know what I still need to work on. I already know how I need to organize my time so that I could make it.

She is very active in school life, learning seriously and setting her tasks. I believe she will finish IB with a high score and can prepare for admission to best universities in the world.

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